Experiences evoking an “of course”

User experience design that boosts your revenue, productivity and product scalability

I strive to help companies or start-ups by offering solid evidence through in-depth research of how the product experience should be designed relieving any concerns of the irritating last minute & extra expenses, as well as providing measurable indicators (KPI) that keep the product maintainable and scalable.


I am proud of, enjoyed getting “my hands dirty” and had fun with

Conference Attendant-dashboard

Paperless Conferencing

Hybrid iOS based solution solves paperless conferencing. Complex operations translated into a simple interface allow only for minimum required elements to maximise the conference experience.

iPhone preview (Slider area)

TV on demand

Watch your favourite TV shows, series, movies, trailers, sport events or even personal videos online. Responsive solution to watch instantly from any internet connected device.

Lawyer App


An app that allows users (lawyers, judges, plaintiffs or interested parties) to track cases in courts. Primary capabilities are to see upcoming cases, case progress updates, geolocation services, verdicts or cause listings. Goal of the project was to bring more transparency to the community and enhance workflow.

Pay with your smartphone

Pay with your smartphone

Solution for mobile payment services designed for billion connected customers with Google geolocation services, signature and swipe approval or wallet with capability of storing multiple cards.

Featured Case Studies

Functional interfaces, automated experiences & user experience consultancy

Unlock your product’s potential

Meaningful brand

A great story that represents your business transformation beyond category. Story that connects you to your audience.

Seamless Experience

A seamless experience for humans that is comfortable and lets you get on without noticing what is happening in the background.

Functional Interfaces

Design that ignores excessive graphics, but concentrates on its essentials to communicate its function or idea.

Touch point

Test the results and make sure every touch point is your selling point. Listen to your audience and evolve with every analysis.


As real as it gets! A great piece of art is composed not just of what is in the final piece, but likewise what is not. Strategy brought to bear all the elements of elegance. Does the strategy for an elegant solution exist? If so, what might it be? I am designing and translating complex process flows into an effortless experience & interface for today´s responsive digital landscape, but still giving you maximised experience, maybe evoke an “of course!”.

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