Cookies y otros tipos de web beacons


With the purpose of providing a better user experience, Du-Enter may use cookies or other kinds of web beacons. Du-Enter do this to make it convenient for you to use certain site’s features.

Du-Enter site is primarily focused on beacon type data collection.

Let’s be human here.

It is a snipped or a code, if you like, inserted into a website that can be used to monitor the behaviour of visitors. Du-Enter mainly monitors geolocation, browsing time, page visited, visit day and time or the way a visitor found the website.

Du-enter does not allow for any advertising that places cookies on your computer but do allow for third-party functions that place cookies on your computer. Precisely, Du-Enter uses Google Analytics on its website.

You are free to change the settings of your computer to stop accepting or disabling cookies. This goes without saying, but any modern technology we are using today is making it easy and transparent when it comes to changing these setting.