Política de privacidad



What is about to come works like an agreement. It is relevant to Du-Enter and a website visitor or you. There are no other parties to which this document can be relevant to because Du-Enter is not a member nor transactional website.

So yes, this is easy.

Personal data (name, email address or telephone number) you provide are used to maintain an internal database, to contact you under the condition should you previously contacted Du-Enter.

By entering and using Du-Enter, you hereby provide Du-Enter with your consent for the collection, treatment and processing of your personal data according to this Privacy Policy.


Processing of personal data

Under “The Act on Processing of Personal Data”, you can request the information Du-Enter hold on you by writing to ux@du-enter.com. Having said that, this is applicable only should you previously use the contact form, which requires you to provide your name, email address and message. If otherwise, Du-Enter is not capable to hold any other personal information.


Data Protection (GDPR)

Du-Enter complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP), which is a European Union (EU) regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the EU and outside the EU.


Data collection

Du-enter collects data through Google Analytics product. Means, any time you visit the website, you send information to Google Analytics too. This information is used to generate statistics, analytical and traffic data related to Du-Enter and other websites that could link back.

Browsing Du-Enter does not reveal your identity publicly.


Collected data

Du-Enter collects only following personal data: name, email address and telephone number. Du-Enter website is not technologically advanced nor is planning to do so, to collect sensitive data such as credit card details or passwords.


Data transfer

Du-Enter is not open to share nor disclose collected data to any third party. Actually, this is, categorically speaking, against Du-Enter’s believes and values.

In most cases, collected data are anonymous and Du-Enter have no interested in further efforts to personally identify its visitors. Usage of mentioned data is being put to site improvement, statistics and other legitimate purposes.


Data deletion

Should you previously provided Du-Enter with either your name, email address or telephone number you may request to permanently delete your personal data from the database. Feel free to send a request via ux@du-enter.com if you wish to do so. It is a manual process and such a request may take up to 3 working days to process.


To Authors

You can be making contributions to Du-enter website only via posting a comment on published blogs. The minimum amount of information required is a name and email address. Du-Enter is withdrawing from checking the eligibility of provided data. However, any suspicious behaviour will be removed with no further communication, consent or explanation. Such activity may be identified by your IP address, eventually traceable to identifying information about you, whether it is your home ISP or the university or work account where the IP address is registered.



Du-Enter may include URLs that, when used by you, may forward to other websites that may be a property of third parties. When those websites collect and handle data about you, you are not covered by this privacy and are not our responsibility or liability.


Change to this privacy policy

Du-Enter reserve all the rights to modify the terms of this privacy policy. Any change made will be announced on the website, only. Once a new version is in place, it will automatically be in force.