RAC - Location Intelligence
Geolocation intelligence as a cornerstone of the commitment to delivering comprehensive roadside assistance and supporting drivers in moments of unexpected vehicle breakdowns.
Hybrid Cloud Cost Management
Framework enabling cost tracking and speeding up delivery with an end-to-end DevOps platform. Leveraging DevOps to roll out the Hybrid cloud and enable continuous deployment within organizations. FinOps & GreenOps end-to-end case study.
Managing, growing and scaling design workflow. Rollout hybrid cloud FinOps (Cloud Cost Management) and GreenOps (Cloud Carbon Footprint) within your organization. DesignOps end-to-end case study.
Eurostar Live Map
On-board live map, allowing passengers to effortlessly monitor their journey progress and uncover exciting points of interest along the way and at their final destinations.
HPE - Recommendation Engine
The solution is designed to elevate the overall user experience, diminish the necessity for users to undertake extensive research, and proactively furnish essential information to empower well-informed decision-making.
ESM - Online Footprint Modernization
The revamped website is designed with people in mind. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating an informative and user-friendly platform that empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need.
Mapfre - Conversational Design
A user-centric conversational solution leveraging machine learning, geolocation technologies and automation.
Inclusive design serving two distinct & conflicting user groups.
Visual identity about how we can perceive a visual voice differently without a key piece of information. Typography that exists in the white space. The logotype itself is designed to ignore excessive graphics, but to concentrate on its essentials to communicate its function or idea.
TV on Demand
Tv on demand for watching TV, series, movies, trailers, sport events or even personal videos.
Infographics • Paperless conferencing
Unique learning & interactive experience​​​
Pay with your smartphone
Mobile payment services for a billion connected customers.
Paperless conferencing
Unique learning & interactive experience
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