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Confidentiality Notice: In light of security considerations, the amount of project information provided has been restricted. My aim is to offer a brief yet informative overview of the problem, process and solution while ensuring the protection of sensitive data.
GIS Intelligence
Geolocation intelligence as a cornerstone of the commitment to delivering comprehensive roadside assistance and supporting drivers in moments of unexpected vehicle breakdowns. Harnessing cutting-edge location-based technology, prompt and efficient support, allowing motorists to resume their journeys safely and seamlessly. The seamless integration of geolocation intelligence empowers to accurately locate distressed drivers, providing timely assistance and reaffirming dedication to road safety and customer satisfaction.

The inception of the project stemmed from the organization's ambitious pursuit to confront challenges and gain deeper insights into consumers' evolving needs. 

The primary goal was to elevate the daily experiences of users, surpassing the current functionalities offered by the consumer application. 

In addition, the project aimed to chart a distinctive digital strategy, steering away from a constant focus on competitors. The overarching objective was to adopt a strategic and evidence-based approach, shaping a roadmap that not only enhances customer retention but also captivates new consumers in a rapidly changing landscape.

Embarking on the quest for valuable insights, the project also incorporated process mining as a dynamic tool to dissect the organization's operations. 

The emphasis was on gathering qualitative insights through a meticulous process involving interviews and surveys, unveiling the distinct needs of both existing members and potential prospects. The research unfolded in two distinct realms – one dedicated to understanding the needs of current consumers, and the other exploring the landscape for potential newcomers.

In the context of existing consumers, one-to-one interviews were conducted, each yielding a comprehensive outline of unmet needs within specific areas of interest. This personalized approach ensured a nuanced understanding of the unique requirements of the user base. 

Simultaneously, for the prospective consumer group, approximately 200 surveys were administered and meticulously processed. 

The fusion of qualitative and quantitative data from these interviews and surveys laid the foundation for evidence-based design horizons, unveiling opportunities for innovation and improvement across the organization.
Strategic Intelligence

Empowered by the rich tapestry of customer and prospect insights, I skilfully navigated the intricate landscape of business objectives and the visionary scope outlined in the insights stage. Process mining, acting as my guiding beacon, illuminated the path toward aligning strategic initiatives with the nuanced needs and expectations uncovered during our research endeavours. 
This symbiotic relationship between strategic intelligence and process mining ensured that project trajectory remained finely tuned to the dynamic interplay of consumer preferences and organizational goals.
Information Architecture, Process Mining, Geospatial

Embarking on the exploration phase, my research methodology delved into a multifaceted journey, diligently exploring solutions akin to the unmet needs identified, both within and beyond the confines of our industry. 

This comprehensive approach allowed me to cast a wide net, drawing inspiration from analogous domains while discerning unique patterns and innovative approaches that could enrich the solution landscape. By assimilating insights from diverse sources, I aimed to cultivate a holistic understanding that transcended traditional boundaries, fostering a fertile ground for inventive problem-solving and the cultivation of groundbreaking concepts.
Key Factors

In navigating the landscape of decision-making, a pivotal guidepost for me was to discern precisely what elements demand prototyping within the existing application flow. Rooted in the values distilled from insightful observations, my focus extends beyond the surface, seeking strategic points within the user journey where the impact of prototyping can be most transformative. 

By aligning decisions with these key factors, I aimed to craft prototypes that not only address user needs, but do so seamlessly within the existing application framework, ensuring a harmonious integration that resonates with the user experience
This approach ensured that the prototypes not only stood as innovative solutions, but also seamlessly enhanced the overall user journey, contributing to a more cohesive and user-centric product.
Human-Centred Research
Heuristic Evaluation, User Research, User Journey Map, Empathy Map, Accessibility, Inclusivity, Problem Definition, Map
For whom

In the realm of enhancing the application, a critical dimension guiding my efforts was a nuanced understanding of the distinct needs and expectations of our two primary user segments: existing members and prospective users. 

For existing members, my focus revolves around fortifying the application to serve as an indispensable companion, seamlessly aligning with their needs and providing tailored solutions. 

On the other hand, for prospective users, my aim was to create an entry point that captivates, informs, and entices them to choose newly presented services for their roadside assistance needs.

In catering to existing members, the enhancements were designed to deepen engagement, streamline their experience, and address any unmet needs identified through comprehensive insights. This approach ensured that loyal members find increased value and satisfaction within the application, fostering a sense of loyalty and trust.

For prospective users, the design approach was centred on creating a compelling narrative, showcasing the unique features and benefits of new offerings. By crafting an entry experience that resonates with their expectations and clearly communicates the value proposition, we aim to convert prospects into satisfied, long-term members. 
In essence, the application enhancements were meticulously tailored to align with the distinct journeys and aspirations of both these user segments, contributing to a more inclusive and user-centric digital experience.
Personas Design, Personas, Users
Real World Situations
Accessibility, Inclusive Design, Mobility. Journey Planner, Real-Time Location, Insights, Road Assistance
Location Intelligence and Route Planner Output

As a result of the enhancements to the product, both existing members and prospective customers now enjoy a significantly improved and streamlined experience

The app serves as an indispensable companion to existing members, aligning seamlessly with their needs and providing tailored solutions. Deepening engagement, addressing unmet needs identified through comprehensive insights, and fostering a sense of loyalty and trust.

For prospects, the enhanced entry experience captivates, informs, and entices them to choose the product for their roadside assistance needs. The carefully crafted narrative showcases the unique features and benefits of product offerings, creating a compelling journey that resonates with their expectations. The result is a conversion of prospects into satisfied, long-term members.

Utilizing a familiar interface and well known Google Maps technology, the product provides users with an intuitive and user-friendly experience, enhancing overall usability. The integration of process mining played a pivotal role in the success, allowing me and the teams to analyse and optimize the application's and organizational workflow efficiently.

The key performance indicators (KPIs) reflect the success of the efforts, with increased member satisfaction, higher engagement rates, and a notable rise in conversions from prospects to active members. The positive feedback from users highlights the remarkable improvement in UX, making the product an essential and delightful tool that simplifies and enhances the lives of both existing and potential customers.
Geospatial, Geospatial Analysis, Geospatial Data, Google Maps, Route Map, Location Tracker, Rescue Me

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